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Voted one of the Top 50 UK Wedding Photographers 2020

50 Top UK Wedding Photographers 2020

Looking at my wedding schedule at the start of 2020, I never thought I would get to the end of July without having captured a single wedding. My travel plans for this year included Spain, France, Malta, Cyprus and Italy. Little did any of us know what the year would have in store for us...

A luxury marquees wedding in Somerset

Luxury marquees wedding in Somerset

Joanna & Ben booked me to be their luxury marquees wedding photographer in Bristol. We met over a coffee in London and they told me all about their plans. The day would be relaxed, filled with gorgeous flowers (Joanna loves flowers as much as I do), include Espresso Martinis and a pizza van would feature...

Anneli Marinovich 2017 wedding and editorial photography highlights.

Well, that’s it. 2017 is a thing of the past. I still can’t actually believe how quickly the year flew by. I am so thankful for the opportunities 2017 brought me. This blog post combines my wedding and editorial photography highlights. I count myself very lucky to have worked with some of the industry’s best...

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