One of the Top 45 UK wedding photographers everyone wants to book.

This will be my 9th year as a professional wedding photographer. When I left my stressful career in Advertising, I had no idea what life as a business owner would be like, but I was excited to give it my all! I had 10 weddings booked and with the support of my wonderful husband, family and friends… I jumped into the world of self-employment.

9 years later, I have shot 183 beautiful weddings worldwide. My work has given me the opportunity to see the world and meet the loveliest couples. These couples trust me to document one of the most meaningful days of their lives, and I am thankful everyday for this incredible opportunity. My work has been widely published on blogs and in magazines, but when I heard that I had been listed as one of the top 45 UK Wedding Photographers everyone wants to book, I was thrilled!

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"45 UK Wedding Photographers everyone wants to book"

Top 45 UK Wedding Photographers:

Alongside a group of very talented wedding photographers, One Fab Day describes us as “skilled, in-demand and at the top of our game.” Wedding photography is an incredibly subjective career, and you have to trust your instincts implicitly when it comes to the decisions you make as a photographer. It’s a fine balance between capturing beautiful details your couples have carefully sourced, and catching unscripted moments as they happen throughout the day. It’s a skill that you learn over the years, as you hone your craft and learn from your mistakes.

As a wedding photographer, you have to be confident in the way you work, your style and what you want your images to say. When I look at my portfolio, I like the story it tells and it’s wonderful to hear my work and style described as: “ultra-sophisticated, timeless and filled with light.” I have worked very hard over the last 9 years to build a portfolio true to my love of golden light and timeless romance..and I always enjoy working with couples who value those elements as much as I do.

How to become one of the top 45 UK Wedding Photographers:

If you’re a wedding photographer starting out, or a part-time photographer thinking about going full time, the best advice I can give you is to keep at it. I have learnt many lessons over the last 9 years and each one has helped me become a better photographer and businesswoman. Every failure is an opportunity to learn, and if you adopt that mindset, the journey will be much easier!

The second piece of advice is to get yourself out there. Getting my work published has been instrumental to building my wedding photography brand. The reality is that you are in control of your success, and the direction your business will take. Make sure the work you showcase is your best, and stay true to your own eye / the way you see light and shadow. If you chase another photographer’s style, you’ll lose yourself by trying to become them.


"Anneli Marinovich is a top 45 UK Wedding Photographer"

Images of me taken by my wonderful husband Wayne.

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