2013: Explore. Embrace. Live. Learn.

2012 you beauty. What an incredible year it’s been. Here are a few things I’m thankful for, looking back at 2012:

Fantastic clients who make me realize everyday how lucky I am to do this on a full-time basis… seriously. I have been very blessed with lovely clients who get me and I get them…it’s awesome.

– Truly beautiful and fun weddings I was commissioned to shoot both here in the UK and in South Africa.

Press features in 12 wedding magazine & various wedding blogs. Thank you to my clients for inspiring other wedding couples with their wedding stories.

– The opportunity to travel to Paris, Italy, Turkey and South Africa this past year.

– The birth of my gorgeous little nephew & godson, Anakin and the opportunity to photograph him in mummy’s tummy, as well as 3 weeks after he was born. Mind-blowing.

I feel incredibly blessed to have had such a successful year and I’m really excited about 2013 and what it will hold for AMP (including a brand spanking new website *watch this space*)! For now, I’ve trawled Pinterest to create some fun goals / reminders for me on some of what I’d like to do in 2013.

A big thank you to all my clients, friends of AMP, family (especially my wonderful hubby) and close friends – you rock my world. Happy New Year!



Enough said! Bring on 2013!


More destination shoots, starting with France in Jan.


All the time…


More of moi, what I love and what I shoot!


Businesswoman of the year 2013….ok maybe not, but more focus – DEFINITELY!


…in 2013!


A subtle reminder that taking time out to appreciate life is crucial.


Caring less what other photographer’s are doing and focusing more on my own little road & personal projects.


A reminder to enjoy moments like the above – letting go and being a part of it all.


Trusting my instinct & eye to be confident in my professional & personal work.


More travel in 2013, starting with Northern France in January.


More of the same this year – getting out there, meeting interesting people, broadening my horizons.


Explore. Embrace. Learn. Live = 2013


More often in 2013!


Was it scary leaving my day job to become a full time professional photographer almost 2 years ago? YES, BUT looking at

photos like the one above (one of my favorites from 2012) makes me realize what a good decision that was!


Why NOT now? This year is my year to push the boat out & establish myself as the creative Destination Wedding Photographer I am.


I will indeed be getting my “neon” on (whatever that means) Mr Rabbit, thank you very much!


Bring on New Orleans, Florida and Tennessee with Mr M. in 2013! (image credit: Vivid Blue)


So true, more focus this year on shooting for me & integrating it into the way I shoot weddings / other work.


Travel + meeting new people + beautiful weddings in faraway places + good food = dream job.


So SMILE! 2013 is going to be epic :-)

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