Kate & Andy’s springtime couple shoot in Paris, City of Light {Part 1 of 3}

Kate & Andy’s romantic shoot in Paris was the result of a compeition I ran with Louise over on b.loved earlier this year. I wanted to give one lucky couple the chance to win an Engagement / Couple Shoot with me, which would take place in one of the most romantic cities in the world – Paris!


We received quite a few entries to the competition but one entry grabbed me straight away (maybe because Midnight in Paris is one of my favourite films):

“Hello! I’ve been engaged for a whole week! Despite that we’re planning on getting Married this year July/August/Sept time, we’ve been together 5 years, so why wait? Been through some tough times recently (I won’t go into the details and make it sob story Xfactory! bleurgh!) but getting engaged has ended our year on a high! We’re already decided it’s going to incorporate our love of Black & White Films, Rock ‘n’ Roll and Books (somehow!!!)In 5 years we have all of 4/5 photos of us together, when we got our engaged ‘status’ on Facebook it showed a picture of our legs, our Christmas shopping and of course my beautiful engagement ring – so guess what I’d love to win, (especially after watching Midnight in Paris recently and promising to go there), the Shoot in Paris! It would be great to have photo’s we could integrate into our invites, and even our Wedding programmes! Sorry that’s so long and rambling!! Just very excited! xx

Kate’s entry stole my heart and soon after Louise announced Kate & Andy as the winners of the Paris engagement shoot on b.loved, the brainstorming started with inspiration boards on Pinterest, ideas to incorporate their love of old books into the shoot and planning where in Paris we wanted to shoot. Needless to say I was spoilt for choice in terms of locations in the city – Paris has so much to offer for a romantic couple shoot and I think we definitely made the most of it over the three days we were there. From the Latin Quarter (one of my favourite parts of the city), to the Seine with the Eiffel Tower in the background, to the flower market near the Notre Dame, all the way up to Montmatre and back down again to the lights of the Moulin Rouge, I fell in love with Paris all over again while shooting Kate & Andy.


So, at the end of April we all jumped on the Eurostar – Kate & Andy (the lovebirds), Louise (styling genius) and husband Andre (reflector guru & bag carrier) and myself and hubby Wayne (second shooter & wonderful assistant) ready for a wonderful weekend in the city of light.

There are so many wonderful shots from Kate & Andy’s shoot in Paris, so we’ve decided to blog this epic couple shoot in 3 parts. Part 1 this morning takes us from the start of Kate & Andy’s journey on the Eurostar to a relaxed wander around the streets of the trendy Latin Quarter, ending off the day with a kiss in front of the Eiffel Tower. Make sure you check back (and hop over to b.loved) for Part 2 & 3 coming up on Thursday! Check out Louise’s take on Part 1 of Kate & Andy’s couple shoot in Paris here.

A big thanks to Twobirds Bridesmaid for lending us Kate’s gorgeous red wrap dress, Upper Street for the sparkly pair of black peeptoes, Victoria Fergusson for the Bardot headdress and Love Umbrellas for the red heart umbrella featured in Part 1.

Kate & Andy’s Paris Engagement Shoot was featured on French wedding blog: French Wedding Style. Read the part 1 feature here.


Kate & Andy then transformed into glamorous eveningwear and we made our way to the Eiffel Tower along the Seine (stopping for a glass of wine in the Latin Quarter), waving to passersby taking photos of the gorgeous couple and wanting to know whether they were famous…and believe me, by the end of the night, they definitely were!"Paris-Wedding-Photographer-Anneli-Marinovich""Paris-Wedding-Photographer-Anneli-Marinovich""Paris-Wedding-Photographer-Anneli-Marinovich""Paris-Wedding-Photographer-Anneli-Marinovich""Paris-Wedding-Photographer-Anneli-Marinovich""Paris-Wedding-Photographer-Anneli-Marinovich""Paris-Wedding-Photographer-Anneli-Marinovich""Paris-Wedding-Photographer-Anneli-Marinovich""Paris-Wedding-Photographer-Anneli-Marinovich""Paris-Wedding-Photographer-Anneli-Marinovich""Paris-Wedding-Photographer-Anneli-Marinovich""Paris-Wedding-Photographer-Anneli-Marinovich""Paris-Wedding-Photographer-Anneli-Marinovich""Paris-Wedding-Photographer-Anneli-Marinovich""Paris-Wedding-Photographer-Anneli-Marinovich""Paris-Wedding-Photographer-Anneli-Marinovich""Paris-Wedding-Photographer-Anneli-Marinovich""Paris-Wedding-Photographer-Anneli-Marinovich""Paris-Wedding-Photographer-Anneli-Marinovich""Paris-Wedding-Photographer-Anneli-Marinovich""Paris-Wedding-Photographer-Anneli-Marinovich""Paris-Wedding-Photographer-Anneli-Marinovich""Paris-Wedding-Photographer-Anneli-Marinovich"

Make sure you check back for Part 2 & 3 on Thursday and hop over to b.loved today and Thursday to read what Louise has to say about our weekend in Paris! Here are a couple of ‘behind the scenes’ shots of me in action & Louise on Twitter sneak peek duty (taken by Wayne)!

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