Ending off February on a personal note…

I’ve always known that I inherited my creativity from my mum. When I went back to South Africa in November 2010, I had so much fun wandering around the house, soaking up every little detail – storing it in my memory bank for a rainy day! My wonderful mum has a fantastic eye for detail and she loves antiques, so I grabbed my camera and favourite lens (50mm f1.8) and started snapping away. I love the rich colours of the late afternoon sun on the wooden floors and old mixed with new throughout the house…

 The word made out of wire means “love” in Afrikaans. I love the way the shadow falls on the floor, stretching out the letters. My mom has three figurines carved out of wood – the one on the right reminds her of my sister Lizelle, who lives in Durban with her husband.

My mum always has fresh flowers in the house. I used to love coming home from Uni to fresh flowers my mum had arranged and left next to my bed. I remember the ancient stove on the right from when we were growing up – and it’s still standing! I’m amazed it is, I’m sure I kicked it over a few times while running around the house playing “wegkruipertjie” (hide & seek)!


I absolutely adore this photo of me and my sister Lizelle. We look so cute in our matching outfits, lol! Next to us is my little brother Derrik – ok, not so little anymore, he’s a medical intern now, so he’s grown up a bit since this photo! 

My mum has a chalk board in the kitchen where she writes little quotes and her shopping list!  When I took this photo it said: ” A winner is a loser who just kept on trying” in Afrikaans. I love that…wise words.

The three wooden figurines on the photo above, is meant to be us three kids! I’m the little blonde girl sleeping on the rock (I do like a good snooze!), Lizelle is standing in the middle (keeping an eye on us) and Derrik is holding a little doggie – perhaps Katie, our family dog – and actually the fourth child in the family! The photos above are of my grandma & grandpa and one of my grandma on the beach. I was very fortunate to meet my grandpa when I was little and grew up with my grandma around….two incredibly special people – especially since they made my mum! :-)



The lovely photo above is of my mum and baby Lizelle. My mum looks beautiful plus she’s wearing a pair of killer heels while carrying my sister around – serious respect! :-)



I love the fact that my mum still has this bread tin…I’m turning 29 this year and it’s still in the kitchen (albeit a different kitchen to the one we grew up with). Not quite sure why the thought of our original bread tin still being around is such a comfort…it just is!

February has been a fantastic month, and it has been great to end it off on a more personal note! Bring on March and a fantastic little Bridal Shoot I’m planning with www.peoniesandpearls.co.uk

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