London love shoot in Borough Market.

Caroline & George will be tying the knot at The Olde Bell in Hurley this Summer. We spent a lovely afternoon together last October, around Borough Market and London Bridge for their pre-wedding shoot.


The most important aspect of a good engagement / couple shoot / pre-wedding session for me, is having fun together! I try to keep the shoot as informal and relaxed as possible so my couples can enjoy being professionally photographed, for what is most likely their very first time!


I enjoy shooting in locations with interesting backdrops, a mix of urban & rural settings and areas that have at least a couple of spots where my couple can sit down and chill out! The second most important aspect of a successful engagement shoot (for me) is the light. I have said this many times before, but shooting during the late afternoon / during the hour before sunset is so much more flattering as the light is soft, golden and it helps to create those light & bright images I love. We were lucky with Caroline & George’s engagement session – it was a sunny afternoon, albeit a tad windy, but the breeze helped create gorgeous, windswept images on the Thames riverbank.


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