Branding Photographer for PR Consultants in London

I have known Nicola from Propose PR for many years. Dedicated to representing brands in the wedding industry, it was a pleasure working with her again after all these years. As a Branding Photographer for PR Consultants I always relish the opportunity to learn more about their clients and daily routines. Nicola certainly has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to PR for the wedding industry and we almost spent more time chatting, than shooting!

Branding Photographer for PR Consultants

The aim for the session was to create joyful and pretty lifestyle imagery for her to use to market her PR Consultancy business on social media, offline and online. Her Branding Shoot took place at her home office, hence the beautiful desk setting and copious amounts of tea and pretty cakes! Styled by Louise helped style the narrative to ensure we were on brand every step of the way. See if you can guess what Nicola’s favourite colours (and brand colours) are!

Below are some of my favorites from her home-office Personal Branding session. Get in touch if you would like to book me to create branding imagery for your Public Relations Agency. I am available for bookings worlwide.

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Branding Photographer for PR Consultants

Propose PR lifestyle shoot with Anneli Marinovich

Wedding industry PR agency branding shoot

Propose PR home office

PR consultant Nicola-Russill Roy at her home office

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