My gorgeous sister & her beautiful bump in Turkey!

God works in mysterious and wonderful ways! Towards the end of a very busy Summer of wonderful weddings, hubby and I decided to take a week off to relax somewhere in the sun. Clearly that place would not be the UK, so we started looking around at Europe & other not too far away sunny spots. It was at this point that something wonderful happened – my sister, Lizelle called me and said that their annual work conference would be taking place in Turkey during the exact dates Wayne & I were planning our ‘week in the sun’ for! Needless to say I nearly jumped out of my skin with joy – I would be able to see my sister while she is pregnant (she lives in South Africa), which would never have happened, had she not attended her work conference in Turkey – only a short flight away from us! So off we went to Turkey – 2 days after my 30th birthday and a few days later, I spent a wonderful day with my sister, lounging next to the pool and later strolling on the beach in Bodrum.

Turkey Bodrum holiday

And below is beautiful baby bow growing in mummy’s tummy – how amazing is this scan!

Baby scan

Of course I couldn’t let this wonderful opportunity pass without taking a handful of photos of my beautiful sis and her bump on the beach in Bodrum. With literally only 30 minutes to spare before she had to catch a taxi back to her hotel, I managed to capture a few frames of my sis with this precious little life growing inside of her, bathed in gorgeous light on the beach.

Lizellie I love you so much and I will FOREVER be thankful that God gave us a day together in Turkey, so I could put my hands on your belly, feel baby kick and get to capture you as a beautiful, glowing mummy-to-be. I carry you and these wonderful moments in my heart…always.



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