I lost my heart in New York City…

Seeing that I’m on holiday at the moment, I thought I’d schedule something a little different – a personal post about my second big love (after wedding photography) – travel photography! I have always loved travel photography and when I’m not shooting weddings and I get a chance to go on holiday, my camera never leaves my side….ok, maybe once or twice to allow for a cocktail or two, but that’s it!

In June this year, my sister came to visit me from South Africa, for the first time since I arrived back in 2005. Needless to say, it was always going to be an epic holiday, but even more so because we were celebrating her 30th birthday by jetting off to New York City together, while she was here. We had been planning this trip for quite some time and touching down at JFK was very emotional for us both. Our dream had finally come true – we were in the Big Apple, just the two of us, for our first time.

I can honestly say that I lost my heart in New York City to New York City! Exploring the city block by block was to a certain extent very surreal – and more so because Lizelle and I, well, we are HUGE Sex & The City fans – so it felt like stepping onto the set, but everything was very real. There were so many highlights for me during the 5 days we were there – way too many to mention, but I made sure I took my camera everywhere and through my photos I think it’s very clear how much I loved New York City and exploring it with my sis.

As this was our first trip to the Big Apple and the idea was to go to New York City for Lizelle’ 30th birthday, I decided to make it even more special by arranging a secret “sister shoot” with the very talented Samantha Shay – fabulous New York City Wedding Photographer and all round amazing person! Two days after we arrived I told Lizelle that I had a surprise for her and that we should get dressed up. We very excitedly got ourselves dolled up (while sipping cocktails in our hotel room) and met with Sam just around the corner from our hotel. Being a photographer myself I was super excited for our shoot against the wonderfuk backdrop that is New York City and needless to say Lizelle was very surprised, slightly nervous but also very excited to do this together! We got used to the camera in no time thanks to Sam’s easygoing nature and we had loads of fun – from Central Park to our first ride in a New York City cab, to sitting on the steps of a gorgeous brown stone and sipping cocktails at the Empire Hotel rooftop cocktail bar…..it was a dream come true! Looking back at these photos, I know we’ll cherish these moments forever and we will carry our New York in our hearts, always!


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