Philo & Sanjeev’s ‘London Landmark’ Engagement Shoot.

Philo contacted me back in April to arrange their London Landmark Engagement Shoot. Philo and Sanjeev, both live and work in London, but their wedding took place in Singapore in September and they wanted some romantic London themed Engagement photos & a slideshow to show their guests at the wedding. Their love story started in London so it was very fitting to take their pre-wedding photos all around London! We started off at St Paul’s (I absolutely adore the enormous wooden doors at the top of the steps) and made our way to St James Park, stopping off at the Tate Modern, The London Eye and Big Ben – a whistle stop photo tour of London’s most popular landmarks and some of Philo & Sanjeev’s favourite spots plus we even managed to work a black cab into the shoot!

This was such a great idea and I think a lovely way of sharing Philo & Sanjeev’s chic lives in London with their family & friends in Singapore. I am available for Engagement Shoots & Weddings all over the world, so please get in touch to see how I can help tell your wedding / engagement story!

Here is the slideshow included in Philo & Sanjeev’s Engagement Shoot package, which their wedding guests enjoyed at the wedding in Singapore:

And a few of my favourite photos from our afternoon together:


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